Our team


Chrystèle Jacqmarcq

A graduate of KEDGE Business School, Chrystèle worked for more than 10 years in
the financial sector in France and the United States, before joining the Charity sector,
helping migrants. She joined 1001fontaines in 2017, first in Switzerland where she contributed to the creation of the charity, and now in London with the mission of developing UK partnerships.

Aude Zibell

A graduate from the business school ESCE, Aude worked for 10 years in the franchise network development in France and overseas. From 2009, it was in the United States then Hong Kong that she became involved in fundraising activities before joining 1001fontaines in the UK.


Frédéric Dubois

Frederic manages the flagship program of 1001fontaines, with the mandate to bring the local organization to full financial sustainability. He brings in a deep knowledge of the country, a strong managerial experience, and a robust financial background.

Luke Barrett

Luke has been leading Ranontsika since 2014, and is currently managing the consolidation effort in the country to build the national scaling up model. With his expertise in engineering and water quality, Luke has contributed to improving the 1001fontaines standards in this field.

Amandine Chaussinand

After having spent 3 years managing the Cambodian operations, Amandine is now in charge of deploying the model in Myanmar. Her comprehensive field experience and her solid track record in sales and marketing are highly valuable to ensure the success of this new program.

Romain Joly

Romain leads the Vietnamese social enterprise, and is focused on adapting the model to the country’s context, and building a solid deployment plan. He brings in a strong experience of working with social entrepreneurs across the world, and a background in strategic consulting.