Water In School: Providing children with free safe drinking water on every school day


schools supplied


children benefitting from the program


decrease in school absenteeism

A game-changing program for school children

Donations enable 1001fontaines to pay... Donations enable 1001fontaines to pay the local entrepreneurs for the Water in School program. Local entrepreneurs provide... Local entrepreneurs provide nearby primary schools with up to 20% of their production for free every day.
The impact is substantial... The impact is substantial: children are less sick, and have a better hydration. This results in a decrease in absenteeism by up to 75%, and an improvement in their educational experience.
The provision of water is coupled with... The provision of water is coupled with awareness campaigns for children and their parents about the importance of safe water and good hygiene practices for health.
Serving schools also brings... Serving schools also brings high recognition to the entrepreneurs and strengthens their importance in the community. Every month we monitor the quantity... Every month we monitor the quantity of water delivered to the schools by each entrepreneur, ensuring the follow-up of the program.

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Water Angels are men and women engaged in providing safe drinking water to school children

2 £ is all it takes
for a child to drink safe water every day at school for a year