Combining philanthropy and social entrepreneurship

To build sustainable access to safe drinking water


The required investment to enable one person to access safe drinking water for life

3 months

Average time needed for a new water kiosk to reach economic viability


Proportion of water kiosks that have already reached breakeven

A self-financed model for a long-lasting impact

1 Subsidies trigger the project Philanthropy finances
• the construction of the water kiosks
• their technical equipment
• the selection and training of local entrepreneurs
2 Operations are self-financed
The income generated by the sale of water, for less than 2 eurocents per liter, funds the kiosk’s sustainable operations (water production and distribution), maintenance, quality monitoring, as well as the support provided by the regional platforms.

Support us in growing our impact

Our 2025 goal: 2 million beneficiaries

£20 is all it takes

to provide one person with a lifetime access to safe drinking water

A £1,000 donation

50 new beneficiaries

Eligible for tax exemption in France, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK, the US… Contact us for more information.


With all the challenges facing us today, we can’t remain passive. An entrepreneur myself, I really trust the 1001fontaines model. I believe that the new way to support development is to enable local populations to generate by themselves sustainable access to essential services. 1001fontaines brings us evidence that it works! The next step is to scale up, and we can all contribute.

Guillaume Lange