Empowering local populations

We help villagers become entrepreneurs and support them over time.


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+ 50

new entrepreneurs every year

An approach enrooted in the local context

1 In every country where we operate, our projects are implemented by a local partner, NGO or social enterprise, in charge of the expansion and long-term follow-up.
This partner ensures anchorage in the local context and connection with the public authorities.
2 Through our Social Entrepreneur Academy, we train villagers with low educational background to become water kiosk entrepreneurs, and integrate them in a national franchise.
Together with at least two employees, they manage the production and distribution of water, as well as the maintenance of the station.
3 With its local partner, 1001fontaines establishes regional platforms that support on an on-going basis between 20 and 80 entrepreneurs with: water quality monitoring through monthly lab testing, supply of water jugs and other consumables, technical maintenance, sales and marketing coaching…
4 Through the sale of water to the villagers for less than 2 euro cents per liter, the entrepreneur can generate enough revenue for a decent living, and maintain the production equipment. A percentage of the sales is also paid to the regional platform, thus funding the long-term support of their activity, and guaranteeing the project’s sustainability.
5 The whole community becomes self-sufficient for their access to safe water.
Drinking safe water improves their health, reduces expenses linked to diseases, and frees significant time for women who no longer need to fetch and boil water.

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Enable a villager to become an entrepreneur


The cost for selecting and training a local entrepreneur

Eligible for tax exemption in France, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK, the US… Contact us for more information.